Sunday, 12 April 2009

Woahh hisashi buri~~~

oh geeee O_O

it's been a long long time since my last blog's entry..

it was like a month ago~~ woahhhhh~~~ O_O

i've never not updated my blog so long like this.. LOL~

ok, since everybody is eagerly into the blogging wolrd....where.. me? kinda lazy of it already~ it's getting bored lately.. so, to kill time, i update my Ayu's blog instead haha lol :D :D

alright.. what's the update of me?

well, recently, i just decided to go to Bangkok on June to catch up with TVXQ's MIROTIC concerts there...  apparently, a friend of mine offered me of getting me the ticket concert, the hotel, the accomodation and all~~ so i just need to pay all that~ and meet them at the airport..

but, the thing is, i still don't have companion, thought that i'll just go all by myself~

yesterday, i read news over Yahoo! news section, the situation in Bangkok is still not safe, there's still demonstration and i'm afraid that it will remain until June~ we never know right?

i'm just afraid that if i really go there, then when i'll get back home, and the situation there becomes intense? what should i do? i'll be sooooooo dead by then~ 

hmmm~~ so i still wait for my friend's confirmation, whether she will go or not...

It's such a dilemma seriously..

but i think that i'll just cancel all that.. and plan of going to Japan next year to catch their Japanese concert tours even though, i'll miss this chance to watch the ASIA TOUR where they will sing all their Korean songs.. and i actually have made a promise to myself that i really need to go to watch their ASIA TOUR once and the live tour once..but since the situation in Thailand is still unstable.. i think that... i just have to choose not to go.. because safety comes first??
but when will i be able to catch their ASIA TOUR?? gotta wait until 2011? woahh~~~

hmmmmmmmmmm still in suchhhhhhh dilemmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~ =________=

Thursday, 19 February 2009's hurting...

I'm having sprue inside my mouth.. (u know Sariawan~)

goshh it's totally hurting..

i can't have proper meal and feel like not wanting to eat anything oh geee..
and i'm having a flu as well..
i usually got flu for just one day..and on the next day, i'll get better, but now......
the flu has been attacking me for 3 days now.. though it's getting better, i hope i really get better tomorrow~~!!!! because of it, i couldn't go out with my friends for Indian food T__T
hate ittttttttt!!!!!!!!!

and my Mom keeps on ranting on me about having a flu..woahhhhhhh T___________T

Sunday, 15 February 2009

good news

I'm going to be an aunt on Oct 2009!!!!!

I knew it when my Mom was on the phone conversation with my sister-in-law~
(I was kinda eavesdropping~ haha lol :D)

(at first, i thought it was my sister, i thought she would have a baby~ since my brother just got married for only 3 it couldn't be his wife~), so i asked my sister through MSN, i quickly bombarded her with questions~
and she replied me with "HUH?!?!?! what are you saying?"
i was confused~ then whom my Mom was talking to? my Mom couldn't be so happy about other people who're going to have a baby, right??

so i called my Bro through MSN right away, asked him, whether he just called home or not, then he said, "yea... Mom called me just now"
I quickly asked him, "Is Betty pregnant?"
he said, "yeah, she is, the doctor said it's been 6 weeks.."
woahhhhhh~~ i was liked completely shocked!! and couldn't believe that it could be just so fasttt.... i mean the process, you know~

Yeahhh~ I'm happy for them, I'm happy for my parents the most, because finally, they will have their very first grandson/daughter this year and become grandpa & grandma~
and surprisingly!! the due date will be on the early Oct (i hope the prediction won't be wrong though), because me and parents will go to Australia at 21st September which mean, we're able to see the little baby when she/he will be born to the world~ it's just a very great coincident, isn't it?

Friday, 13 February 2009

Friday the 13th.....

hoooo~~ scaryy~~~

today's Friday the 13th.. know that?
and it's unbelievable that we're going to have another Friday the 13th next month!!
i just realized bout that when i was just randomly looking at my desk calender..
sure it's creeppyyyyy~~~

and tomorrow's a VALENTINE'S DAYYYYYYY~~~

ah well... want to show you guys something interesting...
this pic below is Ayumi Hamasaki's 10th Anniversary logo designed USB~
how cool is this?
and, this USB will be released on 25th March 2009, which is the release date for Ayu's 10th album, and know what, this USB will be contained with the whole album's songs, the music videos, making off videos and booklet, so it means that Ayu is the very first artist in Japan (maybe worldwide as well) who releases an album in USB-memory format, HOW COOL IS THAT?
you can make it as a pendant as well~~ woahhh~~ i want one.. but can't afford one T____T

and the price is amazingly expensive!!
it's 6800 Yen!!! GAHHH!!
it's about US$70~ Oh Geee~~
even more expensive than the 2 CD + DVD itself..GOSHH!!!
i won't afford to buy it~ *sigh*

i'm currently watching Mei-chan no Shitsuji~~
it's almost the same as Hanazakarino kimitachi e~ but it's even funnier~~ hilarious!! it's the girl's school now, but no boys disguise as a girl, but each of the girls have their own butlers which are all handsome boys :D hahaa lol :D
Thanks, Pi for recommending me this dorama :)

Monday, 9 February 2009

What a bad day...

...well actually, it's not happening to me though..but at least, it has a little connection to our store~

what has happened?
According to my Dad, in our more than 30 years business, our store workers have never been accused of stealing by customers not until today~

the customer came by our store and told us that they lost their 3 diamond rings and they insisted that my driver was the one who took them just because he was the one who moved the old wardrobe to the next room. My driver also insisted that he didn't take their rings and he insisted that he even asked for permission from the customer whether he could take apart the wardrobe or not. once the customer gave the permission, then he started to work. (my driver was even swearing under his wife's & kids' life that he didn't take them, i know it's hard to believe, but from the expression he showed, he looked convinced that he didn't do it~ where he's working for more than 10 years now..)

and in my opinion, it was all the customer's fault..
because, she should have known that today, there would be a new bed set delivery to her house and a day before delivery, she should have moved all the clothes, all the important things (like those diamond rings), just anything from the wardrobe (that you would want other ppl whom you don't know to move for you) to the safer place first, because you may not trust 100% to the ppl who will get into your room, right???

But sometimes, customers are kinda weird, they're the one who ask us to deliver their ordered items today and in the same day, they just start to move all their things out from their room/their wardrobe, isn't that just wasting time? EVEN after we've arrived at their house, they will just start to take out all the things inside and causing our workers to wait. GEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

and the funniest thing is that, the customer remembered, she took off those 3 diamond rings and put back to the old wardrobe's drawer, why she needed to put back? isn't that just so risky?? does it mean that, she's the one who's careless in putting such important hings in the wrong place? 

now the diamond rings have been missing, then she could just accuse our workers? where in fact, IF, our workers who took those diamond rings, they're definitely doing wrong thing of course, but the person who has the biggest mistake is the owner of the missing items, right??

and she may just forget that she has put the diamond rings on the other place that she has not yet used to yet, the ppl at her house may be the persons who took them, stole from her, there's also possibility, we may not just trust someone who relates to you 100%, right? then she may have dropped them somewhere~ 

the person who took away the diamond rings, only God knows~

I don't know what will happen to my workers tomorrow, i hope that it has come clear~


there's actually one more customer who was getting on our nerves today as well~~
he bought from us a set of sofas on last Saturday, and asked us to deliver them today~ then, he said he would transfer the amount of money of his purchase today as well, of course we would want to wait until his money has been transfered to our bank account, then we would deliver it. 
he called us at around 12 pm and told us that he has transfered, so we went to the bank at 1.30 pm to check the bank account, but the money was not there, so we called the customer. then he just said, he would definitely transfer it today and we had to deliver the items today, because there would be no transportation anymore~ and he even threathen us that he would want his money back if we didn't deliver to him,
i thought like what the hell?  is it our mistake that we don't deliver today?? 

So later at around 4 pm, we went to check the bank account again, the money was still not transfered~ so we called the customer again, then he said he would fax the transfer proof for us, then we received it, we saw the time, he just transfered it at 15.47 pm~~~ WHAT THE HELL????? it was all his fault and he could just easily threathen ppl????? what the hellll~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Only just for one customer, we have wasted our phone bill, our time...our energy goshhhhhhh!!!!

gahhhhhhh actually, just "these" kind of customers are really getting on our nerves, we can't not resist to swear them~ u know.. they're just doing too muchhhh!!! just for you to know, it's not only one customer has that kind of super annoying habit, but some of them~~~

goshhh CUSTOMERS ARE KINGS ---> is this still avaible?


woahh today is my ranting today, huh?

Tuesday, 3 February 2009


and here's something funny that i want to share~

A very giantttt dining setttt~ and  totally a dork kind of dining set, don't u guys think?
oh well, it's not our Furniture store's product, but a request from a customer who asked us to make a totally minimalist look of a dining table ~
oh Man, when i tried to pull one of the chairs out, goshh it's freaking heavy!

*ah~ sorry for saying our customer is a dork.. but seriously, who's going to use this very weird kind of dining table?*
we even adviced the customer several times before we processed it, but she still insisted to have this kind of dining table, so yeah, hope that by the time it arrives at the customer's home, she won't be complaining about how ugly it is~


so~ just check out imdb site, Dragon Ball Evolution will be released in these countries starting from March 2009~

Japan 13 March 2009 
Singapore 13 March 2009 
South Korea 13 March 2009 
Belgium 8 April 2009 
Egypt 8 April 2009 
France 8 April 2009 
Norway 8 April 2009 
Spain 8 April 2009 
USA 8 April 2009 
Argentina 9 April 2009 
Australia 9 April 2009 (Hoyts) 
Brazil 9 April 2009 
Croatia 9 April 2009 
Czech Republic 9 April 2009 
Germany 9 April 2009 
Mexico 9 April 2009 
Netherlands 9 April 2009 
Portugal 9 April 2009 
Russia 9 April 2009 
Finland 10 April 2009 
Italy 10 April 2009 
Sweden 10 April 2009 
UK 10 April 2009 
Poland 17 April 2009 
Turkey 23 April 2009

but, where's INDONESIA??????????????????????????????????????
actually we've planned to watch this movie with all Ayu's fans in Medan of course.. but goshh~ our country's release date is not even on the list, does that mean we won't be able to watch it at all?
or we're going to be so late again?

Sunday, 1 February 2009


Yayy the full version of Rule (The official theme song of Dragon Ball movie) has been leaked! 

gotta listen to it! it's so good!
*nah that i'm biased over Ayumi..but really...check it out!*

Credit: tokyokev00 @ Youtube


anyway, last friday, i attended a mini reunion of my primary class students.. too bad it was only 10 ppl.. not everyone could come, just too bad T__T
so here are some of the pics with the old old friends :)There are Peter, Alexander, Deswanto, Sri Kartika, Me, Yuni Senjaya, Sofi Natalia and Dwi :)

There are actually more pictures to share, but i gotta wait for others to upload their pictures first :)

Thursday, 29 January 2009

WHAT THE H****!!!!!!!!!

God!! tonight, we were supposed to treat our workers a dinner, it's liked a tradition in Chinese New Year~~
But GOSHH!! it was all cancelled just because of one worker decided not to attend..because he got so many reasons that backed him up~ one of those reasons was because his wife was at home~ maybe he was jealous of the other worker who could bring his wife along, but for Goddamnsakeeeeee!!!! your colleague's wife is working for us too!!!!!! but your wife ISN'T!!!!!
what the hell!! and why my parents needed to be so nice to them?? why didn't we just have the dinner, who cares of that one person who chose not to attend in the first place??? why care so much about them?? 
it's OUR TREAT!!! not their TREAT!!!
do we have to treat all your familiy members? even your kids, your parents, everyone you have? oh geeeeeee..... 

Gaaaaaahh! because of one, it's all cancelled! and we have to re-schedule again!!!!!!
totally pissed me off!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

2nd day of Chinese New year

Went to Sun Plaza today and met up with Mei Mei, the Mother of hahaha :D , an Ayu's fan whom i've known the longest~ she came back to Medan from Jakarta for Chinese New Year holiday~ it's been such a long time we're not seeing each other already~ and she brought her daughter, whose name is inspired by Ayumi Hamasaki, her Mother gave her name, "Yumi Lau" cuteeeeeeeeeee~ :D

here are the pics :)

Meteor Garden VS Hana Yori Dango VS Kgotboda Namja

So guys.. which versions of Hana Yori Dango that you think look the best???

1st, The mother of all Asian Dramas, Meteor Garden~ 
this is when all the Asian Dramas trend started~

2nd, The original Hana Yori Dango dorama, why i said original since it's under the Japanese production itself  :)
and they speak in Japanese! so it feels Original!

3rd, the Korean version, i read that the Korean production made the whole sets of the filming even more similar to the manga version, even the houses, their outfits.....which is kinda true.. 

and it's the 3rd time of watching the same manga adaption dramas, just out of curiousity~~ 
oh well, i think it's the 4th time already, since in Indonesia, there was once an adaption of Meteor Garden being aired on TV, but they never aired the whole episodes, it was only aired until 4-5 episodes, if i'm not wrong. It was stopped because so many MG fans protested because the Indonesian version didn't ask for the copyright permission of adapting, and the production house denied that they ever copied the storyline... oh well, who did they think they like to fool? even a 5 years old kid understood what was Meteor Garden at the time~ but, they knew they couldn't win the debate with all the loyal MG fans, that's why they stopped airing it~
Oh yea, the title of the Indonesian version was kinda lame, it was called "Siapa Takut Jatuh Cinta?" (Who's afraid of falling in love?)
actually, i'm trying to googling the pics of the casts, but i can't find out haha :D
..back to which version is the best..through out all the official Hana Yori Dango adaption dramas.
i think i'll vote for the Korean version..
since... arhhgahhh~ all the Korean boys look Handsomeee!!!!!
just exactly like i've been expecting~
actually, i've never fallen into Doumyouji Tsukasa/Dao Ming Tse character before..but...gahh the Korean version Go Jun Pyo (acted by Lee Min Ho) has attracted me right from the start, even before i watched the 1st episode.. even just looking at the pic..Woahhh he is definitely suitable for the role :)
and know what, i'll usually fall over Hanazawa Rui/Hua Ze Lei character because i think the character seems nicer?~~ which i did when i watched MG and Hana Yori Dango..but this Korean version really gives me a different view :)
Before the Korean version was out, i used to say that Meteor Garden F4 members were much better than the Japanese F4 members.. i know it's the original F4, since they're Japanese itself.. but just...kinda think that the actors were not really suitable.. because they were not really similar to the Manga version, they were not tall at all.. (no offense to the Japanese version fans~), but as for now, i think the Korean version F4 members are the best :) even though the Tsukasa is the tallest among the 4..but at least, the other 3 have the same height :) and their actings are pretty convinced :)

so my rank is:
1. Korean version
2. Taiwanese version
3. Japanese version

so what are we going to see next? Chinese version?
i ever read a rumor that thre will be China version of HND too..
if so, i can't wait!